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Sherm Custom Billiard Cues
06-11-2012, 12:38 AM
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Sherm Custom Billiard Cues
Sherm Custom Billiard Cues
3352 Nine Mile Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
Contact: Sherm
Phone: 513-553-2172

Maker of pool cues from 1980 to present in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sherm Adamson began making pool cues in 1980. He had been replacing tips and doing minor repairs for some of the players in his area. A pool nut since he was very young, Sherm (short for "Sherman") started making hustler cues in the auto repair shop he was running at the time. He had come to the realization that his game was not strong enough for him to "make his mark" in the billiards world as a player, so he decided to do it as a cuemaker instead. Sherm is proud to have been a member of the American Cuemakers Association for about 10 years. He was also featured in Inside Pool magazine, March 2005.
Sherm had a partner, Richard Neighbors, from 1993 to 1994 (who now makes R.H.N. Custom Cues). Most of the 75 or so cues made during this time are identifiable by an "S" on the butt cap. Cues made from October 1994 (when Sherm started making cues full-time) to 2000 will have a 5/16-12 joint screw. These unique 5/16-12 screws were custom made to his specifications. In 2000 Sherm began using mostly a 3/8-10 pin with no insert. In 2003 Sherm started using the 3/8-8 radial style pin that he uses today. In 2004 he started applying a UV finish to all of his cues. Sherm started engraving the radial joint pin "Sherm" in 2005.
Sherm is constantly getting more creative with his designs. He began using the 4th axis technology to do "wrap around" engraving and inlays. Inlay work on Sherm cues can be done by hand or with the use of CNC. Points can be inlaid, although Sherm prefers to make them short spliced. He likes linen phenolic joints for their playability, which is the most important aspect of Sherm cues. He also likes to weigh and balance his cues without the use of artificial weights when possible. Sherm´s wife Jenneth helps out in the family business mostly with encouragement and organizational help, and answers the phone. Sherm´s two sons, Scott and Seth, have both been apprenticing in the shop when possible, but they will likely follow their own dreams of the future. Since 1994 almost all Sherm cues are signed "Sherm Adamson" with the month and year on the forearms or butt sleeves.
Although Sherm does not guarantee ivory joints or ivory ferrules, he guarantees all construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse. If you have a Sherm cue that needs repair, or would like to talk to Sherm about the design of a one-of-a-kind custom cue, contact Sherm Cues.
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